10 tips for Google Adwords for Small Businesses

1. If you are starting out and you have a small budget, then begin with Google Search.

2. Keyword selection is paramount to getting a high quality score. If you are a small business in a competitive industry then focus on longtail keywords, which means narrowing it down from say ‘restaurant’ to ‘Japanese Restaurant in Dublin that serves Ramen’.

3. Target your customers, or potential customers. Find out who these people are and reward them with coupons, discounts or great deals.

4. Use your analytics reports to find out what times, days, your ads have least effect. With enhanced campaigns you can now budget in percentage increases and decreases which let you find out the most profitable times.

5. Optimise your website by making small adjustments and changes necessary to work with your ads, your landing pages should be sending the same message and call to action as your ads and motivate people to buy that product or service. Good copy and usability is essential here.

6. Get smart! Make sure your website is optimised for smartphone viewing, no one needs to tell you how important this is so just do it!

7. Conversion Tracking. Track your leads and sales to find out what the return is on your ads. If your not getting a return, then maybe you need to try something else with your ads: different keywords, better landing pages etc.

8. Always link your Adwords with analytics as it can tell you how much your visitors are worth, where they are coming from and where they leave your site.

9. Group your ads together by theme, for example; one group could be ‘shoes’ and the other ‘dresses’.

10. Use ‘Adwords Campaign Experiments’ to try lots of different scenarios for your ads by time, date, demographic etc.

About Ciara

I am digital marketing and media graduate from Dublin but currently living in Melbourne, I have worked in Journalism and online media for 5 years and I am passionate about blogging, online communication and French cheeses!
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