Get Some Exposure for Your Business Through Images on Social Media

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The power of  images in our society is now more prominent than ever, and they are consistently used to attract, engage and provoke a reaction, and with people taking, sharing and discussing pictures across the world on platforms such as Pinterest, it is vital for your business to leverage this powerful medium. Images on your business’s social media platforms are a great way for you to communicate your brand’s message. In other words; tell the story of your business or product through an interesting and captivating visual. We don’t need conduct any more research to make us realise the power of images and it is often said ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, so the one question you might ask yourself is, are your images worth a thousand words? If  not  it’s time for you to tell your story and capture your audience by entertaining, engaging and enlightening people through images.

Some  nice examples of companies and organisations using inspiring images on social media;

npr on tumblr

The Perfect Palette on Pinterest

Today Show on Instagram

55 Brands Rocking Social Media with Visual Content

Essential Tips

Decide on your story-What are your business goals? Use the answer to create a story that reflects your brand and engages your target audience

Start small-Begin with one social media platform and become master of it.

Be creative-Create a hook or theme related to your business and use it in your images, use colour and be creative with the space. Use faces, pictures of people are more interesting than product shots.

Involve your fans –Who are your audience? What would they find interesting, useful or funny. Add your  website or logo so they know its you.

Optimise the space and sizing- Use the recently released Social Media Cheat Sheet by Lunametrics to help create the optimum size for your images and take advantage of the space offered on different social platforms.

 Use any free tools available to you: Tools like instagram, gimp 2.0, picmonkey can make dull images look great, there are lots more great free photo editing tools, just Google them!

Optimise them: Make them visible to Google by using keywords in your captions and alt tags. Read my post on meta-tags below..

Make them shareable! If you are creating great images people will want to share then make them shareable! Make your images shareable with social sharing buttons such as Digg, facebook, twitter etc.

Don’t forget Intellectual Property Rights..Especially if you are using a professional photographer or your customer’s pictures. Make sure you have permission to use them across your social media channels.


About Ciara

I am digital marketing and media graduate from Dublin but currently living in Melbourne, I have worked in Journalism and online media for 5 years and I am passionate about blogging, online communication and French cheeses!
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