Content Marketing-Why it’s Essential!

Put simply content marketing is a tool for both B2C and B2B  marketing where you create and share content that’s valuable to your customers. It is now an essential form of marketing due to its reach and targeting abilities, it’s also low cost and a great way to promote your overall brand message without pushing it into people’s faces! Instead of bombarding your customers you can now connect and engage with them by answering their questions and giving advice and news that they are interested in. If you target the right people, you can get them to promote and share your business for you, saving you money you could have spent elsewhere on advertising.

Here are some reasons why you can’t ignore Content Marketing:

  • Saves money from costly advertising campaigns
  • Being real and honest and providing useful content means people will open up to your message or story and listen
  • Provides a limitless audience without bombarding people with advertisements they will probably ignore
  • You can listen to your customers and get great feedback
  • Builds trust with your customers
  • Writing case studies can help customers understand your product or service better
  • Drives traffic to your site and boost SEO value
  • You can distribute your content through lots of channels including your social media channels

These reasons only scratch the surface of why it is essential to use this invaluable marketing tool, of course the key to content marketing is creating good quality content that will be useful to people,  for example information they can use and apply to their lives or something entertaining that they find amusing or humorous, you can produce the content in-house or outsource it to freelancers who write to a high standard using the information you provide them.

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About Ciara

I am digital marketing and media graduate from Dublin but currently living in Melbourne, I have worked in Journalism and online media for 5 years and I am passionate about blogging, online communication and French cheeses!
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