SEO Optimisation for Blogs-Basic Tips!



Since I am in the early days of blog writing I have largely ignored optimising it for SEO, but considering my blog is about marketing I should probably start thinking about it! Thankfully the WordPress theme I am using has a lot of it built-in and I have probably been doing it without even realising it, but I have found some handy SEO tips that could help get more exposure for your blog. Although SEO optimisation is important for any business blog especially the main thing to concentrate on is keeping the content interesting without purely focusing on stuffing it with keywords, if it’s not well written and provides no useful/interesting information then no-one is going to read and share it! A good quality, well written blog has the potential to keep people coming back to your site and readers will want to link back to it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something really exciting or new, it can be a new twist on a subject or a topic from your own perspective, as long as it’s easy and fun to read and gives the reader something back for their time the content will do its own work. Another thing to note is that your blog won’t become instantly popular, it takes time and work and dedication as does all digital media marketing but SEO should help speed up the process! Here are some basic tips to get started!

Basic Tips for Blog SEO:


Research keywords that are relevant to your blog, what do people click on and what has the most relevance to your business? Use keywords related to your business that rank high in search engines, you can use Google Insights to search the best keywords for your blog posts.

Use your keywords in the Title Tag-But first, what’s a title tag?

The tag defines the title of the document and is in all HTML/XHTML documents,  it appears in your Browser, your internet search results and sometimes on other websites like Digg and StumbleUpon.

When you’re optimising your blog page tag ensure you use keywords in the title tags on your web pages, even if you are not a well known brand you can use your company name in the title tag combined with a few descriptive phrases related to your business.  This will help people find you in a search for your product or service.  Good keywords to include are your business location and industry. For example, if your company is  Mario’s Pizzas based in New York a good title tag would be ‘Mario’s Pizza New York’, including the location will be a handy way for people in New York to find you, or if  Mario’s pizza isn’t well known you can put the company name after the highest ranking keyword, such as, ‘Pizza in New York at Marios’, because it will yield higher search results from people looking for pizza in New York .

Blog Post Titles

Optimise your post title tag with keywords, placing important keywords to the front.  It is also important that the title is relevant to your post and specific. If your blog is about Kangaroos make sure to mention this in the title. For example; using ‘Kangaroos, Wild in Melbourne’, keeps the most important keyword to the front.

The Content

Ensure you surround your keywords with descriptive text that relate back to your keywords. Stuffing your content with a tonne of keywords will be a detriment to the content and Google doesn’t like the overuse of keywords, instead, use them tactically, get them in where they’re needed and use your writing skills to refer to them.  Link to other pages on your blog or pages on your website using the keywords, and don’t forget to share links from other websites that may have information related to your blog, for example, here I am inserting a link to a Jeff Bullas Article on Content Marketing. ‘Content Marketing’ is my keyword phrase here.


Any images you insert into your blog will have a file name, title and alt attribute. This alt attribute basically explains what the image is of or what it is depicting. It is important the image contains the keywords as long as they are relevant. Here is a nice little article that goes into more detail about optimising your images for SEO.

In summary, dedication, quality, passion and  some basic SEO is a good recipe for a great blog. Don’t expect instant blog success, it takes time and hard work, but it will pay off and it will not only get people coming back to your site it will create a better awareness of your brand and the people behind it. Another great tip for success is to actually look at what popular bloggers are doing, a personal favourite of mine is Seth Godin’s blog, in fact, here is a blog about Seth’s blog that you may be interested in and has some unconventional but pretty good advice!

About Ciara

I am digital marketing and media graduate from Dublin but currently living in Melbourne, I have worked in Journalism and online media for 5 years and I am passionate about blogging, online communication and French cheeses!
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