Facebook Timelines for Business-The Basics

Facebook Timelines:

The advent of Facebook timelines has changed the ways you can use Facebook for your business. There are many great ways for you to communicate with your audience and increase your reach by engaging with people using your page. Firstly, your page should be the online manifestation of your business so make a good impression with your profile and your visitors will react well. When filling in your data you should provide accurate, relevant information and tell your visitors exactly what your business does. Use interesting and eye-catching branding and catch users attention by posting pictures that are interesting and visually stimulating and not just products from your business. Tell a story or an anecdote along with the image and use the timeline to engage with your followers, making sure you reply when they make a post on your page. Reward your most active fans and use them to create a buzz about your page,. Communicate with your customers and fans and by making regular updates you will enhance your online presence. Use your page to link to blogs and articles on your site and other sites with useful information that might be helpful for your customers. Facebook is also a great way to test new product ideas and new designs on your fans by getting opinions and advice from them and they will appreciate you asking for their opinion. Facebook is a great networking tool and you can use it to make important contacts with customers and other people in your industry.

Cover Photo:

Facebook timelines allows you to display an 851×315 banner on the top of your page. The idea for the cover picture is to symbolize what your business is all about. You are not allowed to display calls to action or ask people to ‘like’ your page on this photo. It is a great opportunity for a high impact visual, high-resolution image to attract visitors to check out your page. Some businesses lend themselves to visually stunning images, others have to try harder to create an eye-catching image telling the story of their brand. A great picture will pay off and entice people to visit your page.

About Section:

Below your cover photos is your profile picture, name and statistics, the about shows a brief description for brands and contact info, users can click the about link to reveal a map and basic information. Be sure to have a short, punchy description of your brand identity.

Page Apps:

Apps are located to the right of the about section appearing as thumbnail photos. There are four app tiles with the first always being photos, the others can include likes, events, maps, video and your pages custom apps. Users have to click-through your tabs to get to your custom apps, which means they receive less engagement with the current Facebook timelines. To edit which apps you display, click the drop-down icon to the right of the tiles, click the ‘+’ button to import your custom apps, hover over them and click the pencil to swap them around. Put the native or custom apps most crucial to your business above the fold, so discounts, contests for consumer packaged good companies, events for promoters, etc are easily seen. Only display the ‘likes’ panel if you have a lot of them and want to peer pressure new visitors into Liking your Page.


Facebook allows users to message you, creating a new stream for customer service and advice. If you get your customers to message you about issues on Facebook it could save on precious time, free up phone lines and promote quality.

Highlights feed:

Users can view stories by you or by others who have posted on your page. You can hide or delete posts from people trolling your page. You can pin posts you especially like to the top left spot of the timeline feed for seven days at a time. This gives you control over what visitors will first see when they visit your page. You can also select to highlight posts throughout the timeline to make them appear the full width of the page.


You can publish special Milestone stories on your page, such as ‘the launch of the website’, these updates are favoured by the EdgeRank news feed visibility algorithm and may receive more impressions on news feeds.

Admin Panel:

The admin panel displays notifications of recent activity such as post to your timeline and new likes from fans. The ‘Manage’ button on the admin panel lets you configure your page settings.

Activity Log:

Here you see every post you have published and makes it easy for you to curate your timeline.

Facebook ads:

Facebook allows you to focus on your target audience and gain off-shore customers. Facebook users fill in a lot of information about themselves and you can use this in your ad campaign to your advantage. Firstly, create a design that will attract your target audience, make it personal to your brand and stand out from your competitors. Time your ads well, the day of the week/weekend and time of day will greatly affect the performance of the ad. Try testing the ad at different times and see the response you get. Work with a conversion tracking service such as that from Google Analytics to monitor what your ads generated. What to spend? It depends on many things, the level of competition, your budget and what model you go for. There are two Facebook advertising models; CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions). CPC means you pay when someone clicks on the ad while CPM means you pay for each 1,000 people who see the ad. You should test both models and analyse your success! https://www.facebook.com/advertising.



About Ciara

I am digital marketing and media graduate from Dublin but currently living in Melbourne, I have worked in Journalism and online media for 5 years and I am passionate about blogging, online communication and French cheeses!
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