I was inspired when reading Seth Godin’s Blog on ‘The simple power of one day’ by how easy it is to try something one day and see if it works. This is closely in line with the principles of The Lean Startup which tells us how we can use validated learning to avoid making costly mistakes in business.You can use the principles of the Lean Startup in your business and learn from failures without making huge losses.

For example, in these early stages of marketing an arts and crafts website www.cartgalore.com; a college project I am currently working on to help craft-sellers market and sell their products, we are trying various methods of marketing to see which works best. Our aim is to get people to sign up to the website which is not yet live. So as part of our ‘Lean Start Up’ experiment we created a sign-up page, with some info about the website, a blog and a place for people to register their details with us. To market the page we used social media, Facebook ads, image sharing, traditional advertising and a Google ads campaign. We ran short campaigns using different wordings and spent very little money, but learned a lot from these experiments. We now know that there are people who are interested in the website and the bulk of the interest came from the arts and crafts blogs and Google ads. This key information shows us where to concentrate our efforts when marketing to crafts sellers and also helps us to know how to communicate with our target audience!

You can use the principles of The Lean Startup for your business by trying something new everyday, simply take inspiration from Seth’s blog; teach your employee a new skill, send a personal thank you note to a customer etc. You might find new avenues to reach your customers, don’t be afraid to experiment, even if you get negative feedback, it can help you learn from your mistakes. Plan your experiment, select the tools that you are going to use, what you will spend and how long it will run and create a metric for success. Analyse your experiment and see if it has succeeded according to your metrics, or failed. Then when it is over, make a ‘pivot’ (change something) and try again to see if it works better. Don’t be afraid to try new things, tweak things and be sure to experiment!

About Ciara

I am digital marketing and media graduate from Dublin but currently living in Melbourne, I have worked in Journalism and online media for 5 years and I am passionate about blogging, online communication and French cheeses!
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